SUFI Rating System

All potential films will be scored by our own SUFI rating system.

The comedies/clips must be

* Suitable for all ages
* Uplifting
* Funny
* Inclusive

Suitable for all ages

A toddler might be visiting the patient, sitting on the lap of his grandmother. The patient might even be a hospitalized child on a pediatric unit. Films chosen for the Chuckle Channel TM must be suitable for all these viewers. No violence, bad language, graphic sexual content or cruelty of any kind will be considered.


Humor is like paint: if you use it on the outside of your house, it’s a great idea. If you sniff it, it’s a weapon. Comedies/clips chosen for the Chuckle Channel TM will have the potential to help viewers feel hopeful about their situations, not demoralized about the world.


The film makes you laugh, or feel like laughing if only you had the energy or your stitches didn’t hurt.


The film avoids taking cheap shots at people of other cultures, sizes and preferences. It doesn’t make fun of disabilities, nor does it laugh at the concept of running over little old ladies in crosswalks. This doesn’t mean the films can’t include irony or gentle teasing about our human absurdities. It does mean the film avoids being divisive and unkind.

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