A sure recipe for a very funny show, this episode from the hit TV series Bananas, combines great stand-up, some off-the-wall reality bits, and a couple of songs for good measure. Anita displays her ability to entertain through humor as she expounds upon her exercise routine, the reality of growing older and adds an impersonation of “Kung Fu” Elvis just for “kicks” (get it?). Anita also shows her versatility as she performs the outrageous parody, “I Can Smell Your Breath” and a lullaby dedicated to sleep deprivation.

Anita Renfroe, described as “a shot of espresso in a decaf world”, is a highly original and multi-talented comedic performer. In addition to her stand-up career, Anita is an accomplished songwriter and music leader. Known for her enthusiastic approach to life’s issues and situations, Anita continues to amuse audiences by combining her diverse talents into a very entertaining performance.

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