Viewer Response

“Ivy Push heals patients with huge doses of the quintessential pain killer — laughter!”

Bea Arthur

“Ivy Push is Very Funny Stuff!”

Dana Carvey

“I prescribe Ivy Push to all my patients: she’s good for what ails you. In fact, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend her to their patients…and nobody likes that 5th guy anyway. Warning, aching sides may develop with use of this product: this is normal!”

Daniel Fischberg, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Pain and Palliative Care
The Queen’s Medical Center

“What’s so funny?”

Lynn Muneno, RN

What you looking at?”

Lydia Kumasaka, RN, MS

“I peed on myself. Do your Kegel exercises before you see Ivy Push.”

Shari Kogan, MD
Medical Director, Geriatric Services
The Queen’s Medical Center


“Hob is an incredibly talented performer and nurse-leader. Thank you so much for the wonderful performance. It combines very pertinent information,validates the frustrated feelings of many nurses, and lets us laugh at the same time-great work!”

Carol Curtiss, RN, MS,
Former president, Oncology Nursing Society

“Nurse Ivy Push’s comic genre is Deadpan Bedpan. Her Irish- English- Scottish-Portugese- Chinese- Hawaiian heritage is what happens to a melting pot after the pot has melted. But when this nurse retires to a commode in a storage room to talk to us and God, the poignancy, impossibility and hilarity of the whole nursing enterprise comes out of the closet, and every malady that laughter can cure is cured.”

David James Duncan, author of
The Brothers K and My Story as Told by Water

“If humor is an important strategy in relieving stress and pain (and I believe it is), Ivy Push is as potent as any opioid, without the constipating effects. Hob Osterlund’s comedic performance is wonderful, evoking much laughter while pointing out some of the truths of healthcare.”

Judith A. Paice, PhD, RN, FAAN
Director, Cancer Pain Program
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

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